Do you accept returns?

Refunds can only be given for products that have not been used within 15 days of purchase.


Do Mr. Hotbox products come with a warranty?

Please contact us at and we will take care of you


Can I update my Mr. Hotbox?

If you are interested in updating your Mr. Hotbox software please contact us at


Can I cancel my order?

If you are interested in canceling your Mr. Hotbox order please contact us within 24 hours of purchase at


My quartz nail broke. Can I get a refund?

 Unfortunately, no.  High quality lab grade quartz handles high temperatures very well, but the trade off for this is that is is extremely fragile and can not resist even minor shock. A well cared for quartz nail can be an investment that will serve you well for many years. Conversely, a quartz nail that is dropped, bumped into, or had a coil improperly mounted or removed can be a very fast way to destroy your investment on the first use.