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Mr. Hotbox Strives to push boundaries and put out the best products. We have the ability to do anything from jeweling a Mr. Hotbox all the way to creating aerospace grade parts. If you are interested in  a custom piece or need something that isn't already offered in this market feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help! 

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Custom Engraving Basic Pricing

If you are interested in adding a basic custom engraving to your Mr. Hotbox add one of the selections to your cart before check out.

  • Engraving on connector side (price per side)
  • Engraving on bottom (side opposite Mr. Hotbox engraving)
  • Engraving on back panel

Price may vary on engraving complexity and machine time contact us to submit your desired engraving.


  • Available
  • Ships in 7-14 days1



Mr. Hotbox is a top quality, expertly designed electric vaporization robot sent here from the future to be your friend and serve you for many years!


Mr. Hotbox allows precise control of your nail temperature for a smooth and enjoyable vaporization experience. With Mr. Hotbox you will no longer have to buy butane or deal with the inconvenience of a torch again.


What makes Mr. Hotbox the best enail on the market?

  • Powered by 24vDC, you can use Mr. Hotbox anywhere in the world!
  • Ability to be portable with our 24vDC battery
  • Automatic shut off timer for safety 
  • Cleaning function to burn off unwanted residue 
  • Function to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit



  • LIMITED EDITION Mr. Hotbox Classic unit Anodized Black
  • LIMITED EDITION Mr. Hotbox Classic LifePack Anodized Black
  • LIMITED EDITION Stash Container & Grinder 
  • Titanium Carb Cap & Dabber
  • Titanium Nail
  • Choice of Mr. Hotbox Herb Oven,  quartz nail
  • Choice of shirt 
  • 20mm heating coil with high quality Chogori connector 
  • Power supply that is compatible with 120V and 240V power
  • User manual
  • Lifetime Warranty, including one free heater replacement.


All Mr. Hotbox Vaporizers are manufactured in Washington, USA.


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