What voltage does your Mr. Hotbox run on?

  • 24V DC is the standard voltage we use for Mr. Hotbox and its components. Being powered by 24vDC allows you to take your Mr. Hotbox anywhere in the world without a power inverter.

 What is the temperature range

  • Mr. Hotbox can be easily set from 0-500°C or 0-1000°F

 Can I use Mr. Hotbox with a battery?

  • Yes, you can! With Mr. Hotbox's external battery pack you can take your unit anywhere. One charge on the battery pack lasts 2.5-3 hours.  

 Can I use Mr. Hotbox with other nails?

  • The coil of Mr. Hotbox is 20mm in diameter. It will fit on all 20mm nails made by companies such as Highly Educated, Hive, and many others.

 What is "Future Heat™"?

  • Future Heat™  is a proprietary heating technology  sent from the year 2057 that helped win the great vaporizer war. Future Heat™ prevents your Mr. Hotbox from exceeding the set temperature and causing oxidization or damage to your nail and coil. 

 How does Mr. Hotbox safety timer work?

  • Mr. Hotbox's safety timer is automatically set to 30 minutes. To change the length of the timer go into the Menu and select your desired session time.


Does Mr. Hotbox run on a microprocessor?

  • Yes, Mr. Hotbox's brain (microprocessor)  is the fastest most efficient on the vaporizing market. This allows Mr. Hotbox to have custom functions such as Future Heat™, safety timer, cleaning function,. the ability to change between C and F as well as many more functions to come.        

Do you accept returns?

  • Refunds can only be given for products that have not been used within 15 days of purchase.

How do I warranty my Mr. Hotbox?

  • Please contact us at sales@mrhotbox.com and we will take care of you


Can I update my Mr. Hotbox?

  • If you are interested in updating your Mr. Hotbox software please contact us at sales@mrhotbox.com

Can I cancel my order?

  • If you are interested in canceling your Mr. Hotbox order please contact us within 24 hours of purchase at sales@mrhotbox.com


My quartz nail broke. Can I get a refund?


    • Unfortunately, no.  High quality lab grade quartz handles high temperatures very well, but the trade off for this is that is is extremely fragile and can not resist even minor shock. A well cared for quartz nail can be an investment that will serve you well for many years. Conversely, a quartz nail that is dropped, bumped into, or had a coil improperly mounted or removed can be a very fast way to destroy your investment on the first use.